July 15, 2014

Hello from Montreux

Sending out a warm hello from Montreux. I am here with my lovely Julia and we are spending 2 relaxing days with Parmigiani Fleurier in Switzerland for the Montreux Jazz Festival. 

We had an early flight to Geneva, got picked up by our Driver with Vicky and Anna who came from Vienna as well. Staying at the beautiful Fairmont Le Montreux Palace with a speechless view on the Lake Geneva. 

I am sharing here the first impressions after our direct arrival. So happy that we are having  tropical weather over here. Happy Day! Bisou, Sylvia 

July 08, 2014

Ibiza Diary Part II

Ibiza was such a priceless experience, the ladies from Blogger Bazaar truly organized everything perfectly. And I know how much work and organization is behind that all. Julia and I always plan and structure our trips and sometimes it takes months to have everything fixed. So, I truly do not know where to start, what to tell and which impressions to share with for now. 

At our first day we have visited the Rituals store and got pampered with hand massages, beautiful and useful goodies like the beautiful anti-aging water resistant sun protection spray which immediately became my favorite, the QI Chinese Mint and Yi Yi Ren relaxing serum which is my superhero during my exams period and a lot more treasures we got to know and used to at the Yoga Session with celebrity trainer Veronica Blume.

I always wanted to try Yoga but I never had the time and opportunity to. Since a longer while I am admiring the women who are doing yoga, not only because of their beautiful bodies but also because of their inner peace and charisma. I am convinced that yoga not only trains your body but also gives you the possibility to find peace, to reflect and to focus on yourself for a while. Veronica had what I want to tell you about, she is beautiful but not only from the outside but also from the inside. 

We all could feel that she was totally complacent and this strength allows to not just love yourself but everyone around you as well. She had the positivity which was truly impressive and I truly miss this in the humanity. I truly became a fan of Yoga and I really need to start my sessions as soon as I get my exams done. I just felt so much better after our commencement exercises - somehow happier and balanced. I totally believe in that that you have to feel comfortable in your own skin to be relaxed and happy in any situation.

July 03, 2014

Ibiza Diary Diary Part I

Dear readers, I am sharing here a few of my images from Ibiza with Blogger Bazaar. It's surreal that these goosebumps moments are over. I will try to make the articles approachable. 

Big thanks to our sponsors Asos, Mister Spex, Seat Ibiza, Rituals, Uhlalá BeachwearAir Berlin, InStyle, Belvedere Vodka, Antidote Juice and of course Blogger Bazaar who made this unforgettable trip possible. 

The last days were completely what I needed, powerful women and a great photography and filming team, amazing brands and the sun, long night and vino talks at the pool, a lot of laughter. Just saying but finally people who empower themselves without being hateful of another. 

So, I truly have too many pictures to share and therefore I have decided to show you a quick mix of Ibiza impressions. 

And a big bacci to all the bloggers for so much love and good vibes, hope to see you soon ladies! Pink Fox  I  The En Vogue Coop  I  Masha Sedgwick  I  Lovely Pepa  I  Bonnie Strange  I   Maria Imizcoz   I    Bekleidet    I    Fashionmonger 

My Asos #epicsummer Items

July 01, 2014

Ibiza with #Blogger Bazaar

Here is a quick update from beautiful Ibiza. We had a successful and super time so far. I have already so many pictures in the back up which I will share step by step with you lovelies. As I have already mentioned it's my very first time here and I felt honestly in love with Ibiza. Thanks to Blogger Bazaar for unforgettable working days and holidays. I don't want to overload you with all the things that are happening and have happend here, so the rest of the imagery, projects, bloggers and partners are coming up in the next contributions. Thanks to Fashionmonger for the imagery. 

My total look:     Mister Spex Sunglasses    I      Chila Bags Wayuu Bag    I    Diemme Footwear        I    Zara Top   I    Asos Shorts     

June 27, 2014

Fairytales and Bohemian Trails

Hey my dearest readership, as you know I am leaving for Ibiza tomorrow. We will spend some good times with Blogger Bazaar. My blogger ladies Caro from Pink Fox and Nina from The En Vogue Coop are going to be there as well. Yay! So, I am visiting Ibiza for the first time ever ... 

I know, I know... Shame on me! Everyone told me that it is such a magical place on earth and I am sure that adventure is right ahead. Sun's out and bum's out. 

The last weeks were really hectic and I am feeling blessed to get the chance for some time out, see some palm trees, sun and of course to spend good days with powerful women. I am leaving you with a big hug and hope that you will find some spare time to come by for some impressive images from the Balearic Sea. Thanks to my lovely Julia from N°93 for the imagery. 

My total look:  Natalie B Jewelry Cuff     I      Chila Bags Wayuu Bracelet     I     Patrizia Pepe Bikini     I    Zara Fringe Top 

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June 23, 2014

Coiffeur Marlies Möller

Hi everyone, this post is completely different from what I have done before. We teamed up with Marlies Möller to introduce exclusively the first section in hair care up here. I have decided to test the Great Lengths procedure at Marlies Möller, what I really wanted were Ombré extensions to avoid coloring or 'painting' my own hair. 

The coloring and order of the Ombrè extensions needs unfortunately about to 6 weeks. I was too impatient and so my natural hair color remains and I am still the same - a brunette. But it's still on my wish- and to-do-list and I am more than sure that I will try out the Ombré extensions one day. 

After my intense counseling conversation with my hairdresser Ms. Tiedemann, and I really have to admit that she was extremely openminded, kind and absolutely passionate in her profession and led me to my usual hairstyle. 75 x 40 cm long strands of hair for more voluminous but nonetheless natural looking hair. 

I never told you but I am obsessed with extensions, it totally depends on my mood - more volume, longer and beautiful 'real' hair, yes that's what you can achieve with this method without damaging your own hair. I truly like the combination of both; longer and thicker hair. I got a special brush which cleanses the hair by using it from Marlies Möller. Brushing my hair has never been so much fun.  

There are so many things I want to share with you ladies, I also got Marlies Möller's Book 'hairsecrets' with many useful tips and key facts about hair care which I will share from her book. Whether you have curly, thin, straight or frizzy hair, for each type there are wonderful care products to curb, smooth or make the most out of unruly hair structure. 

Let me start with the basics, a hairdryer with adjustable heat functions is a must-have in every woman's bathroom, developers, straightener by GHD, a quality brush and comb. 

Effective Care: You should decide what you want if it's more volume, curls or shiny tamed hair and you should go for the products that you feel most comfortable in whether that shampoo, conditioner or an intensive mask.

How to wash your hair gentle? The best way to start is to brush your hair before to remove styling residues. The milder the shampoo the better it is. And note, a small dab is enough. The most people tend to use too much shampoo and the bad thing about it is that it's damaging the scalp.

If your hair looks dry or brittle after washing it, it's probably time to change your shampoo. Every now and than it's necessary and a good idea to exchange it especially after the summer period when the hair is in need of intensive moisturizers. I am using 'Masquintense' by Kérastase Nutritive, it's a exceptionally concentrated nourishing treatment for dry and extremely sensitised hair. I use it 2 -3 times per week.

There are a few care instructions that you should consider if you have Great Lengths.
So, the wisps are exclusively made of carefully selected 'real' hair, which is refined in an elaborate processing process in Italy. This process makes the hair more resistant and long lasting. All common styling methods such as blow-dry, straightening the hair, curling or any cut and coloring are feasible with the Great Lengths wisps. 

But you should remember that the valuable hair needs as much care as your own. 
Never wash your Great Lenghts upside down, as this can strain the spliceless - ideally in the stand under the shower. 

Treat your hair carefully after the wash and and avoid rubbing the hair. Arrange the damp hair and comb it with the 'Allround Brush or also called Cleanse Brush' and please avoid jerky movements. If your hair is well combed, then start drying firstly your headline, the Great Lenghts junctions and in conclusion your lengths and tips. Besides, to prevent matted hair or knots is to let your first priority become before heading off to sleep to brush your hair intensively and to make a pigtail - it's the best method to protect the junctions of knots and damage. 

I've spent four hours at Marlies Möller for the insert of the Great Lengths and what I truly have to admit here is that in comparison to my former hairdresser visits in another Salon X  it took up to seven hours of work - you can not imagine how incriminating it was -  I was more than happy that it went so fast and pleasurable at Marlies Möller. My hairdresser managed my extensions, my cut, styling + on top she organized also a natural make up in as I have mentioned four hours. By the way, Make-up is one of Marlies Möller's specials such as MM-Comb-Strands, Dry cuts, Luxury Lashes, OPI Gel Nails, Great Lengths and Beauty Services.  

I am truly more than satisfied with my experience, the service, the result and the atmosphere. Everything was fun and I was treated super polite and courteous. Also what struck me strongly is that the employees are truly passionate and you can feel it by their facial expressions and gestures that they love what they are doing. I work myself passionate and I know which priceless enrichment it is when you love what you do and when your passion becomes your job. It's like you are never working a day. What I wanted to share is that all that matters is that you stand behind your profession no matter what you are focussed on. And you know what it made me strongly become a fan of Marlies Möller, because it tells so much about the companies philosophy in a truly positive way. 

Those who are based in Hamburg might have heard that Marlies Möller will open a new salon in the 'Waitzstrasse' in the end of June. I won't be able to attend the opening because I am leaving for Ibiza for a blogger project this saturday but I am promising that I will show you a little insight after my final exams by the end of July. Special thanks to Marlies Möller and of course my dearest readership for visiting my blog. I hope everyone of you had a great start of the new week and I am truly excited to share some sunny impressions from my upcoming Ibiza trip soon up here. Make sure you are stalking my Instagram for more. It sounds weirdo but I am so happy to see my beloved palm trees again! :) 

My total look:  Zara Jumpsuit (as seen also 'here')     I     Mobolso Bag      I     Patrizia Pepe Bikini     I       Vale Jewelry 

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