November 22, 2014

Uzwei Hamburg

I remember that day when I came back from my travels throughout summer, standing there nearby the Kaisergalerie Hamburg wondering what UZWEI is going to be about. All I knew was that no matter what they are planning and creating there it only can turn out something new, brilliant and add up an enrichment to our hanseatic city. Here it is, UZWEI a new concept store or let's better say THE concept store in Hamburg that opened it's doors quite recently. Julia and I met Rungang Zhu to have the 'Talk the Talk' and got to know the concept, the idea and all the work behind. 

It's not only the sophisticated product mix, it's the way they combine premium fashion, cuisine, beauty and floristic art. All in one an exclusive package giving us everything we love. From the UZWEI Deli, cashmere bar and flower corner to contemporary clothing to active wear, cool sneakers, children's wear, a jewelry and accessory corner but that's not all - UZWEI brings up joy to the shopping experience created by an effortless atmosphere. 

And now my favorite, the people who know me also know that I love everything that is storytelling and UZWEI is exactly one of those projects created by the UNGER Team and Owner Florian Braun which is not only innovative, international but also creative and fun in all ways. I name it a piece of art. Their storytelling strategy is 'Zeitgeist'. UZWEI is the first store in Germany which has a Stella McCartney Shop In Shop Corner. You will also find high end fashion brands like Proenza Schouler, Kenzo, Marc Jacobs for example and Sacai which UZWEI has exclusively in their assortment. The corners are redecorated weekly by the visual merchandising team. 

To all my readers - you should definitely take your time, come by and visit UZWEI at least to try out their coffee ( I am telling you, it's the best in town ) or to have a beauty treatment or if you are longing to have a enjoyable shopping experience than this one should be the address to remember. As gratitude that we have something new and of great growth, we have taken the time to capture and share our personal impressions of UZWEI. We hope that you enjoy our selfmade art featuring the UZWEI art created by amazing human beings. Big thanks go out to Zhu for showing us around and being the kindest and most inspiring personality I have met in the last time. 

Relaxed and mixed printed dress by Diane von Furstenberg   I     Fake Fur Vest by Diane Von Furstenberg    I   Bag by Proenza Schouler    I   Available at UZWEI 

Chloé ... Chloé ... Oh my it's a Chloé Cape. ♡ Available at UZWEI.

Say Hi to Rungang Zhu.

My lovely Julia is wearing THE Stella McCartney Cape Jacket. This one will definitely keep you warm during the current AW14 season. Bag by Marc Jacobs. All and everything available at UZWEI.

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Kaisergalerie Hamburg
Große Bleichen 23 - 27 

November 18, 2014

Peuterey 'Present Wool' Jacket

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I am wearing the 'Present Wool' jacket by Peuterey. Currently it's one of those jackets I like to wear all the time. It looks somehow cute on me -  I love everything that is cute. This one is especially cool because it has underneath a down-vest which you can take out in case it's too warm. We can honestly say that the Wool Jacket definitely is made by 'Form Follows Function'. The jacket looks stylish but also keeps me warm, so that's why I say that it is at the same time functional. 

November, I can not believe that the year is almost over. How could it happen that the time passes by so fast? How? So many great things have happened to me, but at the same time I have experienced so many things I really do not want to get in my mind again. I found a quote yesterday night that I really wanted to put up here - "People come and go just like the tide. Everyone that has been in our life has been there for a reason. Whether it be to teach us, to love us, to guide us and to experience life with us. Some people will always be by our side and some will move from us. Moving on doesn't mean you have to forget about them it just means you have to accept what happened, cherish the good times and keep living." 

Everyday I realize how much pleasure and how thankful I have to be to what I can experience, all the great human beings I know and meet, my job which gives me so much joy and the opportunity to challenge myself everyday and which also let's my creativity run wild without any limits. The people around me that give me so much energy especially my family and friends who are adding up so much worth to my life. I really have to keep that in my mind. You know what we all should keep in mind - nothing is self-evident and one characteristic I adore the most is to stay humble. You create your own sunshine and I hope you make sure to give and make the most of everything day by day. Please remember that. Another news, I am so excited that my website and my sister's are going to relaunch soon. I am also really in need of a new classic and timeless logo. If someone's interested or know's someone who's really good in creating that than please do not hesitate to contact me immediately. Bisou, Sylvie x

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November 14, 2014

Mac Cosmetics

Julia and I teamed up with MAC and created our  personalized 6x blush and 15x  eyeshadow palettes. Our lovely MAC make up artist Rozemarijn Elisah Schoch fascinated us with her professionalism and know-how. We also tried out the MAC make up service and got to know some recommendations for the perfect beauty or let's better say daily make up for our types. I love to be completely without make up, but when it comes to it than I am totally into all nude tones. The more natural the make up the better I feel. So we started to cleanse the skin with the 'Mineralize Charged Water' and than applied the primer cream named Prep + Prime 'Nautral Radiance Yellow' which has super durability, moisturizes and also cleanses the skin, lies down into every corner of wrinkles and uneven parts to prepare the skin for the foundation. 

NW - Natural Warm  stands for all the olive and gold skin tones.
NC - Natural Cool stands for  cool and pale skin tones.

So, we used the liquid 'Face & Body Foundation in C3' with a light to medium coverage for even, natural and a silky finish. This one is moisturizing, water resistant and long lasting. This one can be also applied perfectly by fingers, the best about it is that if you apply it with your fingers the foundation gets more intense if you wish so of course. I really do not sleep much and I can tell you that I have these daaark shadows under my eyes. The 'Mineralize Concealer' in the color C20 enriched with minerals and containing nutrient plant extracts.  This creamy, slightly-coatable Concealer has good coverage and provides the skin with moisture. It's pleasant on the skin and covers long. To give the face a super finish and a light mat look we applied the 'Mineralize Foundation/Loose' in Medium with the #227 large fluff brush. For the look finish we used the powder blush 'Peachykeen' which gives the cheeks a delicate delicate sheen. 

As you can see the picture below, my make up is completely natural. Not too much lipstick, not an overloaded eye make up and all in all exactly how I love it the most. 

The two-color  #286 'Duo Fibre Blending Brush' is perfectly suitable with its slight curvature and bristles which are made of goat hair and synthetic fibers for a controlled application of eye shadow. We used the MAC 'Pro Longwear Paint Pot' for the eye make up and the 'In Extreme Dimension Lash' mascara which gives volume, length and swing. The lashes are soft, flexible and moisturized. The best - it does not smudge, clump or crumble.

We used the 'Hug Me Lipstick' which is now not because of the naming but also of the reflecting texture with shimmer particles that refract the light and provide a natural glam effect - my favorite at all. The formula is moisturizing, built's up and long lasting. Big thanks to MAC for the great opportunity to mix and match our favorite eyeshadows and blushes which you will definitely see up on our social channels soon as well. 

November 12, 2014

Christian Dior

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Deciding what to wear for New Years Eve is sometimes a challenge. Dress, suit, jumpsuit or completely casual? When it comes to the point than it's all depending on the dress code and event you are attending. I would always go for anything glam and festive. I must be honest, actually I really do not know where I will celebrate New Years Eve.

I am having in mind to chill out in a bikini somewhere in the middle of nowhere with a big coconut in my hand and the most beautiful sunset ever. But that might not happen because there is too little time and too much to do for now. So, I think this styling could be an option. I am starring THE dress by Christian Dior which might be a idea or inspiration for the New Years Eve Cocktail. 

I combined it here with the 'Be Dior' three-tone flap bag, which expresses a new, elegantly urban attitude. Oh, I love and totally became addicted to this one. The best about it, you can wear it in five ways - across the body, on the shoulder, on the arm, in the hand or as a clutch.

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Images by N°93

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