October 21, 2014

New Items To Love

This time I am featuring some current items from my favorite shops NET-A-PORTER AND MR PORTER. We should observe the shops for some holidays gifts and I mean gifts are tricky. Maybe this items will help out the giver. Here are some ideas of what you could present your beloved ones for the upcoming christmas time. 

October 15, 2014

Dior Fusion Sneaker

To those who haven't seen my current post 'Dior SS15 Paris Fashion Week' and the read that I am going to publish the Dior Fusion Sneakers and images from summer 2014 soon, can from now on browse through both publications. As I told you these Dior Fusion Sneaker became the must-have of the season. Some of you will love them, some of you will hate them. When it comes to my point of view - I am in love with them. What happend here is pretty clear, its a super stylish and sophisticated reinterpretation of the slip on shoes. Made of powerful functional material the stem consists of four 'mesh' layers, a material with unparalleled robustness and ease. 


The fusion sneakers have unique couture details like the belt loop, inspired by the floral world of fashion house embroidery. They are also varied within a harmonious color and contrast game that provides casual elegance.

Things I have seen ...

From time to time I'd like to take distance from all the superficial and materialism. I always loved beautiful things but not for the worth, but for the effort and art which is put into things by human beings. I really sometimes ask myself what happened to the world that every of another sees competition instead of focussing on the important things of life called kindness. I am really not interested in competing with anyone and I hope that we all make it. Sometimes it's everything about observation, particularly of otherwise unseen details or maybe non-sense to clear your mind. Wishing everyone a good week and hope that you enjoyed a few moments of image observation and some remembrance what is important in life. Stay happy. Sylvie x

October 13, 2014

Mallorca Travel Diary

Another picture story in cooperation with Eighty Four Rooms. Another travel diary of mine, another bunch of memories and recommendations I am happy to share with you. Some of you have seen the german version on Grazia Germany and now my images are followed by this contribution in english. Although the fall / winter season has it's good sides, but whom is not longing for a little warmth, romantic sunsets and sun-kissed skin? I have kept this colorful and warmth imagery in the back up for too long. 

My personal impressions and photos are now ready to be shown. I hope you enjoy the picture story up here and make sure you visited the new Eighty Four Rooms website which just re-launched a few weeks ago. The best way and recommendation during your Balearic Island trip is definitely to rent a car, so you certainly do not miss the almost paradisiacal beaches, restaurants in the neighboring village, cafes and a trip to the mountain villages of Orient, Deiá, Valdemossa or Sóller which it than also easily doable. 

So life is a beach at the Cala Llamp beach club located at the Port d'Andratx, please take your most beautiful bikini with you. The view on the crystal clear and turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea is incredibly beautiful and one of the things I am excited about to be reunited in 2015 again. Back to the beach club, so you can choose between a pool session or a swim in the sea, if you lay by boat you are perfectly there for a lunch break. What I probably like the most are the rocky plateaus located to the right at the Cala Llamp. I was sitting there for a while, enjoying the sound of the sea and the last rays of the sun. This is definitely pure relaxation and almost more beautiful than any beach club visit during sunset hour. 

What are the favorite places to go - one of the must-see's are the bay at the Cala Llucalari. If you are looking for a silent get away far away from crowded beaches or beach clubs than you should write Cala Llucalari on your to-do-list. The walk down to the bays is about 15 minutes. I would recommend to wear comfortable shoes, the trail is uneven. Do not forget to take a picnic basket and some refreshments with you there are no cafés or restaurants nearby. 

You have to visit beautiful discreet and traditional town Sóller on Mallorca's west coast, it's one of the most romantic and sweetest places in Spain, at least for me. It provides more than an oasis of elegance and calm. Particularly attractive is the tram that runs between Sóller and Port de Sóller. Especially photography lovers will love this place. Sóller is a short trip away from some of the island's most natural wonders, including the canyon of Sa Calobra, the Tramuntana Mountains, and the river of Torrent de Pareis. 

Deiá, Valdemossa and Orient should be noted for the most amazing mountain views. It's everything about exploring the unknown. Now where we talk about the unknown - it's worth the effort to make the 1 hour walk from Alcúdia in the north, so the best way to go is by boat. Spectacular and secluded beaches is awaiting you at the 'Es Coll Baix. Another island escape and must-see is the Es Trenc beach with the most beautiful, finest grain and cleanest beach. What I wanted to tell you about Deiá, it has been the home to painters and writers from across the globe. Absolutely worth the visit and the better called Mallorquin experience, because of the picturesque location between a densely pined hillside and the glimmering Mediterranean Sea.

October 12, 2014

The Leather Dress

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What to create and how to share content, I am honestly over-thinking some of my contributions. My mind has always been incredibly active, I was always over-thinking and creating ideas and things out of the box spontaneously. Sometimes I need to come to the point where I should stop thinking to much and just let it go. That's why I did right now. Here's a new look, one of those numerous we shot this weekend. I am wearing a leather dress by Set, fur cape by Dawid Tomaszewski, my favorite covers by Apachestyle, heels by Scarosso, shades by Zero UV and bag by Chanel. If you have recognized I have combined the dress to some sneaker babes by Nike, one of my current favorite scarfs by COS and my personalized clutch from Loup Noir to show up the sporty version as well. Hope you like the look. Bisou, Sylvia 

Items of the Day

Kérastase Paris

It's been a while, but you might know my Instagram shares during summer when I was filming with Kérastase Paris for Kérastase Discipline. Here is the result and I am happy to share it with you. I have spent a very amusing day with great people at the Loreal Academy, got to know the art of movement in a dancing class, the product Kérastase Discipline and tried it out for you. As you can see in the video the hair is smooth, shiny and tamed. 

Video by Patrick Wüstner & Andy Kaczé

If you are longing for disciplined, flowing and silky shiny hair with faster movement and longer lasting hair dried styling than Kérastase Discipline might be the right product for you. It protects your hair from humidity and static electricity. The innovative Morpho-Keratin Complex is here the key.

Hair is alive, sometimes stubborn and difficult to tame. Therefore, every second woman dries her hair every day to get it under control. The dry routine is usually perceived as time-consuming and difficult whether unruly, frizzy, slightly wavy, curly or straight hair tight - women want one thing above all: to control your hair. 

Here them a natural styling result is particularly important. In addition to shiny, smooth and flowing hair, women want in terms of control, that especially the natural movement of the hair is maintained, without weighing it down. The desire for control, which is addressed almost daily from customers at the hair salon, Kérastase under the term "hair management" together. After caring for hair loss and the desire for repair of damaged hair are seen worldwide about 165 million women in search of a solution for better hair management.

Thanks to a perspective change, the new approach of hair management and a revolutionary idea, the researchers from Kérastase managed to decipher the science of perfect movement of the hair and reconstruct the product. 

How it all began? With an amazing machine called "Move Hair". The machine, which is in the Hair Research Laboratory of Kérastase Paris, to analyze thousands of parameters of hair allows. The revolutionary thing about it: Not only in 2D, but with a new, third dimension: movement. Internal weaknesses of the hair fiber can be identified and strengthened outer surface tension points are corrected or eliminated accordingly. 

The result: Fall and interaction of each hair fiber can be optimized. Each individual hair fibers is homogenized inside and disciplined from the outside. Based on the latest technology as a new innovative service salon and a new hair care line was developed: For the first time controlled hair is not only more rigid, but combines discipline with movement.

Items of the Day 

October 11, 2014

Beach Day

When it comes to my soul and mine then I naff off to the beach. Hope that everyone of you is having some quality time and a great weekend so far. Dug off some coziness out of my wardrobe and I am wearing knit by Iris von Arnim, current absolutely favorite pants by Zara and Spektre shades.