October 30, 2014

All Black Everything

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Items of the Day

October 28, 2014

From Beast To Beauty Event

Fridays . Here is what we have been to last friday night in Munich with InvisibobbleTangle Teezer and Beauty Blender cohosted by Blogger Bazaar. My sweetheart Julia and I had the chance to travel together and enjoyed some fun times at the Weststudios followed by the after-party at Call Me Drella. Unvarnished I left the Hotel on the anticipation to get a few styling tips how to use Invisibobble, Tangle Teezer and the Beauty Blender at it's best. Honestly, I didn't know what multi-tasker Invisibobbles are. In the picture to the left below of my texting is a picture of my styled hair by Denise Bredtmann and Thomas Kemper, the separated part was styled and fixed with a Invisibobble. These three items became indispensable. I got a natural make up by lovely make up artist Valentina from Jacks Beauty Department

Have I ever told you how much I love Jacks? The first time when I got my make up done by Miriam Jacks, I was simply impressed. You might remember my job as a Testimonial for Patrizia Pepe. So, any time I get to know that we are going to be styled by the Jacks Beauty Department... I am the one that gets super happy. For the 'From Beast To Beauty' event I have chosen a styling which is a mix of playfulness, naturalness and femininity. I decided to wear my newbie a bit oversized jumpsuit from Topshop. As you know I am a huge lover when it comes to jumpsuits. I could have them all. This one is exactly what I was looking for the autumn / winter season. I hope that I will find some time to shoot the look this weekend! That night we got pampered with too many drinks by the Duke Gin. I met a lot of lovely people I haven't seen for a while and landed up clubbing with all the blogger babes and friends. The first time I got to know Tangle Teezer and Invisibobble was at Blogger Bazaar Ibiza when I met lovely and super gorgeous Nina. She gifted me my first ones and from that time I became addicted. I also met my lovely Masha again, it's always a pleasure to be reunited with this babe. Also big thanks for New Flag.

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Tangle Teezer: This innovation tames your curly hair and smooths it. The flexible, patented bristles of different lengths describes the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler. It's my personal To-Go Hair Stylist and honestly always in my handbag. 

Invisibobble: What you will also find in my bag or around my wrists is at least one Invisibobble. Thanks to it refined forms of a cable which exerts pressure on the irregular hair. Hair breakage is a thing of the the past. 

Beauty Blender: It is the best make up sponge applicator ever. The Beauty Blender has been created to leave everyone with a professional finish and a flawless complexion. Beauty Blender's patent-pending elliptical shape makes application foolproof by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas with stunning ease. Adore!

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All the blogger babes that were with my that night. Julia N°93 I   Madeleine  I  Nina Suess  I   Nina Fashiioncarpet I Masha I  Milena  I  Riccardo

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October 27, 2014

Paris Fashion Week Outfit II

My total look:  Guy Laroche Fur Coat    I      Guy Laroche Dress      I     Carolina Herrera Heels      I      Celine Shades

October 25, 2014

Captured Moments

Julia and I have been to visit and meet some clients and to visit the German Press Days in Berlin for a couple of hours. We spent some good talks and quality time at the Departmentstore Quartier 206, we visited the Zalando Showroom (always a pleasure), met WUNDERKIND in Paris and now again at the Soho House Berlin to see the SS15 collection from the show we have already seen in Paris during Fashion Week. We also met the wonderful and super symphatetic Louis Vuitton PR and we are excited to show you new inspiring content and all the ideas in the next couple of weeks and months. Julia and I have been thinking about what we want to change for 2015. Both pages are going to relaunch in the beginning of 2015, we are already in the planning and the finals for our collaborations, travels and partners for the next chapter and super excited for the new and the next which is already awaiting us. We wanted to thank everyone here for all the support and that you believe in our work. I am wishing you a super sunday! Sylvie x

Items of the Day

October 21, 2014

New Items To Love

This time I am featuring some current items from my favorite shops NET-A-PORTER AND MR PORTER. We should observe the shops for some holidays gifts and I mean gifts are tricky. Maybe this items will help out the giver. Here are some ideas of what you could present your beloved ones for the upcoming christmas time. 

October 15, 2014

Dior Fusion Sneaker

To those who haven't seen my current post 'Dior SS15 Paris Fashion Week' and the read that I am going to publish the Dior Fusion Sneakers and images from summer 2014 soon, can from now on browse through both publications. As I told you these Dior Fusion Sneaker became the must-have of the season. Some of you will love them, some of you will hate them. When it comes to my point of view - I am in love with them. What happend here is pretty clear, its a super stylish and sophisticated reinterpretation of the slip on shoes. Made of powerful functional material the stem consists of four 'mesh' layers, a material with unparalleled robustness and ease. 


The fusion sneakers have unique couture details like the belt loop, inspired by the floral world of fashion house embroidery. They are also varied within a harmonious color and contrast game that provides casual elegance.

Things I have seen ...

From time to time I'd like to take distance from all the superficial and materialism. I always loved beautiful things but not for the worth, but for the effort and art which is put into things by human beings. I really sometimes ask myself what happened to the world that every of another sees competition instead of focussing on the important things of life called kindness. I am really not interested in competing with anyone and I hope that we all make it. Sometimes it's everything about observation, particularly of otherwise unseen details or maybe non-sense to clear your mind. Wishing everyone a good week and hope that you enjoyed a few moments of image observation and some remembrance what is important in life. Stay happy. Sylvie x