Quantum Physics


I am exploring and expanding my consciousness in Quantum Physics for a while now. I am aware that it is indeed divinely guided, and that there is a reason for me to explore Quantum Physics for the collectives highest good. It was the 22th February 2023, that day I wanted to pick up a parcel and well, luckily I also had that idea to take my camera with me. So, backpack packed and I move. Closer to the place for the pick up I wanted to type in the exact address in maps, however without typing anything in I was led to Mines de Paris, at Boulevard Saint Michel which makes me think of Arch Angel Michael, an Engineer University. I am guided. It felt I shall go and have a look, so I move, I asked if I can go in and the kind receptionist let me explore. First I had a look at the bibliothèque, its only accessible to students worth to mention. I stopped and looked at books about Quantum Mechanics. It already showed up to me several times in countless forms, I understood it is what I shall read myself into to expand my consciousness. I already had came across quantum physics in becoming supernatural, a very favorite book of mine written by Dr. Joe Dispenza where he is also referring to Quantum Physics. I remained inside the bib for a while. Then, I am passing further having a look at their cafeteria, the energy was buzzing in that room, not sure if these were mature students, they looked more like profs having interesting conversations. I was observing the energy for a while. Very energetic! As mentioned the room was buzzing. Everything in that moment felt as if I entered a different dimension. Then I passed further through the building and ended up seeing their mineralogical collection, it is comprised of around 100.000 samples, including 4.000 one exhibit, and over 2.900 species of minerals. It has taken years of study to understand their true natures, due today Mine Tech remains an active research center. I received a file with explanations and remained for hours. I do not believe in coincidences, I believe in synchronicities. Have I mentioned that I would love to mine one day myself? I am a very curious spirit. Worth mentioning, the next day I passed by a book store, I had a look, I stopped in front of science, books that showed up… Quantum Physics and Gemology, I noticed the repeating pattern and the universal calling. That day was one for the ‘Books’. And it was also 222 portal. I hope this message inspires you in whatever way, how you perceive it is yours only. As I am expanding my consciousness in regards of Quantum Physics, I will be sharing here and there more consciousness on the Journal to support the collective for Ascension. Here’s to ‘Through my Eyes’ at Mines de Paris. Blessings, Sylvia

Did you know that Quantum Physics, also known as Quantum Mechanics, is a branch of physics that deals with the behavior of matter and energy at smallest scales – typically atomic and subatomic levels. It provides a theoretical framework for understanding the nature and behavior of particles such as electrons, protons and photons. Quantum Physics introduces a diverse set of principles, such as key concepts like, superposition and entanglement, quantum systems can exist in a superposition of multiple states, meaning they can be in multiple states at once. Entanglement refers to the correlation between particles, where the state of one particle is immediately related to the state of another, regardless of the distance between them. Overall, Quantum Physics provides a framework for understanding the fundamental nature of matter and energy at the quantum level, challenging our classical or ‘conventional’ aka unhealthy institutions and expanding of the physical world.

Definition of Rock, Mineral, Crystal and Gemstone



A rock is a natural material, usually solid, formed by an assemblage of minerals. These minerals can be of same or different nature, and of similar or different size. A rock is classified by its formation mode and their texture and minerals they are made of.


A mineral is a natural crystalline solid, defined by a specific chemical composition combined with a specific atomic arrangement (=unit cell). A mineral can be made of only one element (rare – they are called native elements) or, most of the time, several chemical elements. There are few expectations to this simplified definition, such as mercury, which is a mineral but it liquid under room temperature. A few solid minerals lacking atomic arrangement are considered as minerals, such as opals.


A crystal is a solid (natural or synthetic) in which the components (atoms, molecules or ions) are assembled in an ordered manner, by a periodical stacking of a large number of them (‘long distance ordering’). Some mineral are not well crystallised, such as opal, which is amorphous or ‘pseudo-crystalline’, lacking this long distance arrangement of its components. All crystals are not minerals: synthetic (man-made) crystals and sugar crystals for example are not minerals.


A gemstone (=gem) is a natural material, including minerals and rocks, that are beautiful and durable enough to be used in jewelry. Clarity, colour, hardness luster and other qualities are determining.

Did you know that Crystals can be used for healing? The concept of using crystals for healing is rooted in metaphysical beliefs. Crystals carry certain energies and vibrations that can interact with the human bio field (my next journal entry will be about the human bio field), supporting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. I am sharing with you a few potential basic crystals to have on hand, or at home. It’s worth to mention, that its important to clear the energy of crystals regularly, because these can absorb negative ions and carry plus project them back on you. You can for example clear some of the crystals with clear water or burn incense such for example as palo santo, which is in general beneficial to remove negative ions from your home, crystals and your auric field.


Clear Quartz

Considered a master healer, it is believed to amplify energy, promote clarity, and enhance spiritual growth.


Often associated with calming energy, it is believed to aid relaxation, promote restful sleep, and enhance intuition.

Rose Quartz

Known as the stone of love, it is believed to promote self-love, compassion, and emotional healing.


Associated with abundance and joy, it is believed to attract wealth, enhance creativity, and boost self-confidence.


Considered a purifying stone, it is believed to cleanse energy, promote clarity, and aid in spiritual connection.

Black Tourmaline

Thought to have protective properties, it is believed to repel negative energy and enhance grounding.


Associated with vitality and motivation, it is believed to boost energy levels, stimulate creativity, and promote courage.

Lapis Lazuli

Considered a stone of wisdom and truth, it is believed to enhance communication, stimulate inner vision, and promote spiritual growth.


Associated with transformation and healing, it is believed to aid emotional healing, release negative patterns, and promote growth.


Thought to have mystical properties, it is believed to enhance intuition, spiritual awareness, and protection.


The size of the crystal does not matter, more over a crystal is chosen intuitively and reflects the current need of your energetic field which can also change when your frequency shifts and ascends over time through healing work and consciousness expansion.