Let it Rose

I have decoded and interpreted the language of Magda Butrym’s recent collection viewing that I had seen through my eyes for you. As some of you who follow my path might know, my last names meaning is truth seeker. I am attracted to wisdom, knowledge and depth. Now let’s come to Roses and Magda. The MB collection and the showroom were once for all again immersed in roses. Roses – as mentioned previously in one of my posts, carry the frequency of 320MHz, also called the angelic frequency. Being surrounded by roses raises your frequency. Angelic frequencies are the purest light codes you can carry as a human if you are willing to do the work.

Now lets come to feminine energy. What is feminine energy? Feminine energy is soft, it flows, its vulnerable, intuitive, sensual, compassionate, magnetic, creative, its the true strength and essence of women. It follows the guidance that comes from the heart. A divine feminine is pure. Magda embodies femininity, she is respecting the codes of the sacred feminine energy. I love the values.

The collection has codes of my polish heritage, (I am half polish, half persian) handmade crochet roses (codes seen in many polish homes) and they come once again in this collection as flattering tops, bikinis or dresses. Rose symbolism on blazers, dresses or even as earrings and bags. Rose symbolism on blazers, dresses or even as earrings and bags. I guess we as woman want to embody a rose, an angelic ancient symbolism that serves and protects angelic humanity and nature forever since. Inspired from within. Here’s to ‘through my eyes’ series in the Parisian showroom of Magda Butrym.

Magda Butrym Curated Art Pieces


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