The Human Biofield

Let’s explore and expand consciousness together – are you aware of the human biofield? Did you know, that that the human biofield also known as your auric field has different layers of energy? Every part of our physical body is emitting a unique and different energy. The calcium, the blood – all that little blood cells have iron in it. Sodium and Potassium, its running through our brain and spine. So, each and every mineral and all body parts in our system emit a different wavelength and energy. Calcium, iron, sodium and potassium – all of these are creating different bio fields. Every organ in the body has energy surrounding it. When speaking about the aura, it is important to learn about the many different fields in it. The human energy field or also named bio field can become disrupted by technology, people around us who’s energy is not on the same frequency wave, stressors caused through overthinking and external negative encounters, or in some cases being disconnected from nature as well. Meditation is an necessity to ground and clear energies within your human biofield. You are an orchestra of 50 trillion cells. Your cells are listening to your thoughts and your words. So, what are you telling them? Consciousness is the key to health. Interestingly I came across a very interesting perspective which I would like to share. Let’s take a look on these words:




The human bio field or also named as mentioned aura, is bombarded by multiple impressions externally at the same time. If a certain level is getting too much ‘pressure’ for too long and you might be staying in unawareness, it can cause a depress.ion – depression in your auric field. Negative energy are Ions. Negative energy can be for example also send through negative intentions of external people, it can be your own negative overthinking, it can even be media that causes to press on your auric field which causes disruption in your energy. This kind of pressure can put you into anxiety and fear. Valuable it is to be aware and conscious how to cleanse and protect your auric field from these external negative energies. I am noticing many in the collective either rejecting or being completely unconscious about their awareness who they let into their lives, what they consume in form of media, who they surround themselves with or the locations they visit can either uplift or destroy their frequency. Ions are energy which can come from imagination, thinking, doing. Simple ways to ground and balance your aura and energies is simply connecting with nature, it can be shower or a bath to cleanse your field, you can also use smudge around your body and your space to eliminate the ions and re-balance your well-being and your energy. Meditation does re-arrange your energy as well and should be practiced every single day. Protect your energy, your energy is your wealth. Sylvia