Villa Poésie, Eyguières

Living in a Provence painting, Villa Poésie is situated in Eyguières, Provence surrounded by roses, pines  and poetic views over their very own olive tree farm. I am serving you ‘Through my Eyes’ series from the stunning property and all around. The villa is secluded as previously mentioned in Eyguières, surrounded by 250ha of olive trees, the picturesque wide views are immensely soothing and calming. An oasis for meditators and yoga lovers. The gardens and home are filled with divine light as the sun reaches the property from morning to evening. An incredible private access for a secluded hiking area, a canal and countless rose bushes are to be found. A heavenly place to unwind, relax and enjoy home cooked. The cozy atmosphere makes it want to immerse and stay in the property surroundings, as everything ever needed is to be found here at Villa Poésie. The gardens and the pool are an absolute dream, a clean and crisp aesthetic with a soft touch of romanticism. There has been so many white butterflies surrounding us in the gardens which indicates the protection of angels and spirit guides being near. Villa Poésie has 5 bed rooms, every bedroom is accompanied by its own bathroom and diverse design. You can fit up to 10 people. A true private and quiet gem in the Provence that carries a soft and healing energy.