The ancient Caduceus

The ancient Caduceus, a symbol that is showing up in countless forms through out Paris. I noticed it on several doors, buildings and monuments. The symbol of spirit alignment and the chakras. It is also called the sacred symbol of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The two serpents/snakes represent the integration of all dualities in to one – that be-ing the ONENESS, truth, LOVE. The antenna represents God or known as Christ Consciousness / Spiritual Awakening. Overall, it is understood as the concepts of rebirth, resurrection, initiation and wisdom. The wings represent freedom. The freedom is of enlightenment, self realisation and acceptance of ALL THAT IS. This also relates to atonement – the freedom from the egoic mind and illusions. In summary the caduceus means DIVINE KNOWLEDGE of sacred healing, the bringing to a whole of mind, body, spirit free from illusions, pain and only knowing unconditional love. Here it’s showcased and seen at Hotel de la Marine. A Paris „Through my Eyes“, and Angels included. My pleasure to serve you enlightenment or also called consciousness.