Villa Lou Mas Bagna – 5 Bedroom Villa in Carqueiranne, France

This rare sea side front beach villa is privately secluded and immersed in nature, situated in Carqueiranne which is known for its windsurfing. What I love about the property is the green garden and the direct beach access. Imagine having a beach in front of your eyes, enjoying a matcha by the pool overlooking the waves after waves of the sea. The smell of divine pines, chirping birds, the joyful architectural colour, unique character of each room thoughtfully picked by the owner and guardian of the villa. A calm and quiet oasis which I recommend to those who look for privacy and calmness, unwinding in the abundance of nature.

Villa Lou Mas Bagna is just a short 4-minute drive away to Giens Peninsula and 8-minute drive too Almanarre beach. The 4844-sq-ft villa offers as mentioned above, to unwind by the beach, yes a private access to the beach just in front of the villa equipped with sun beds, an huge outdoor pool, also offering a deck and patio depending on your individual needs. This property offers 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and can host up to 14 people. It has a spacious kitchen ideal to create home cooked meals or if you prefer have a private cook on hand who does its divine creation. Also worth to mention, with the offering of a spacious laundry room you can easily wash and dry your clothing without overpacking for your French Riviera escape. Villa Lou Mas Bagna is ideal for a family gathering, or especially for mature adults who long to unwind in quietness. Charlie, the owner and guardian of the house is welcoming, humble and a generous soul.

He grew up with this beautiful property and he guards it with all his heart, he is accommodating and discreet and assists his guests with all wishes that may rise up during the stay. A place of divine calmness. Timings are great between April to October, however also the wintery time can be interesting too for those who look for the calmest season of the year. Enjoy the creation of ‘Through my Eyes’ series created at Villa Lou Mas Bagna. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions in regards the property or Carqueiranne. Otherwise I am linking the property here for you for discovery. Lots of Blessings, Sylvia


Villa Lou Mas Bagna – Through My Eyes

To be continued…