Domaine de Canaille

The abundant view upon the Domaine de Canaille in Cassis from the private secluded hidden beach l’Arene surrounded by rocks, endless blues, greenery and the fresh sea breeze. The villa is tremendously spacious which allows everyone to have space to breathe without disruption.

You can choose to spend a while by the pool, on the terrace, in the gardens or escape to the beach by just a short hike away from the Domaine. The kitchen is fully equipped and spacious as well, either to hire and have a private chef while the stay, or to cook together in a group. Joy is guaranteed. The location of the villa also makes it highly attractive as the village of Cassis is only 15 minutes by walk away, and also close to Les Calanques for an adventurous hike and swim. The property as mentioned is as you can see located above a picturesque cliff overlooking and facing Baie de Cassis, and the charming coastline of l’Arene.

The villa has 12 bedrooms which can fit up to 20 people, a private beach access, spacious gardens and a pool facing the sea side, it is a true gem to a family or friends gateway, such as a divine wedding location or even shooting location for commercial campaigns, work seminars and well-being retreats. As you might know, Cassis is known for the impressive Les Calanques which is a must for the hiking trails and swimming in the secluded beaches surrounded by cliffs.

I am sharing ‘Through my Eyes’ series and impressions at the Domaine de Canaille and Cassis surroundings. Worth mentioning is also, that every Wednesday and Friday there is a market taking place in the heart of Cassis, for fresh vegetables and fruits, such as local homemade treats. I personally love the close access to the beach and the diverse setting around Domaine de Canaille, between rocks, trees, grass, pool and terrace such as the deep blue sea. Its a divine place to spend a while, re-charging and unwinding in the abundant bliss of our divine earth.

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Much love, Sylvia

To be continued in this article on Thursday 13th of July. See you soon!