Hermès revealed its year theme and spirit in the south of france, secluded in the calm, precious and abundant nature of Camargue. Golden light had been shining upon the unique artistic performance of lightness and movement between the divine horses, artistic and guardians reminding us to beat as one with Gaia. As consciousness and the connection to nature is the essence of being and goes hand in hand with Hermes, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, the artistic director of the french house has served a timeline and activated the senses and purity between, heart, mind and spirit. The intention in 2023 is astonishing, to serve the collective, to dream & immerse in the healing energy of everything that is already here in nature. Hermes has always been a house dedicated to craftsmanship, quality and sensuality to materials and textures and so is consciousness close to the heart of Hermès. And this year in 2023 it is all about an impeccable and astonishing bond with nature, consciousness and to in-vision the light with IN and so with OUT. Gratitude. I feel blessed that I was able to see it through my eyes, to feel and capture the moment of time and spirit to share along with you. Enjoy this invitation to dive into the universe of Hermes. Les Marquises, in Camargue is dedicated to the well-being of the horses, bulls and its habitats.