Dear Hearts,

the past year I had the courage and strength to admit that it is time to stop running away from myself and choose healing over self-sabotage and fear. I promised myself and commited that I will take any necessary step forward to become a safe space for myself and inner child Sylvia, but also for my personal connections and my dear community here. I am grateful for you being here. My universe is expanding in the field of human connection and I am confident to contribute with this journal to aspire anyone reading these words to take steps forward to a healthier version of themselves.


Recently my mind could not resist imagining of how the world could look and be, if children were raised in functional families instead of dysfunctional families, if parents did have healthy modeling and communication skills, if people had healthy ways of resolving conflict, if ancestral trauma had been resolved, healed, prevented on being passed from generation to generation and stopped repeating history and unhealthy patterns and what harm could be prevented if we were aware what consequences and pain hurtful words cause.


Today after intense months of learning, healing and of stretching my own mind, I do see my world in a brighter light full of hope, joy and positive change. And I do take behavior patterns and actions of other beings less personal than I did before. I have compassion for the caused hurt and potential trauma and I can understand and I can see better through defensiveness, anger, sadness, rejection and loss of other souls. I dream of a world that brings compassion, love, understanding and acceptance. If we want a change, how about we do start with ourselves?


Your words have the power to hurt, to heal, open minds, open hearts, and change the world. Never forget the responsibility you have over the words you speak. Never forget the responsibility you have over your nervous system, over your own well being. I am sharing with you nine key ingredients that I do believe are a important component of our mental health and hope that you enjoyed these first few lines. Sylvia x

The future of mental health:


Blood tests for nutrient deficiencies:

There is endless research that links nutrient deficiency (Vitamin D, B, Omega 3-fatty acids etc) to ‘mental illness’, Psychological symptoms like panic, irritability, mood swings + depression are often not linked to nutrient deficiency or undiagnosed conditions (like thyroid disorders) which is why blood tests are so important.


The current mental health system overstated the ‘fixed’ nature of genes. Genes are expressed or (repressed) based on the environment they are in. Our lifestyle choices have the ability to create our genetic wellness, which means we must be active participants in what we consume, who we spend time with + how we treat ourselves.

Nervous System Regulation:

Nervous system dysregulation comes from unresolved trauma within the body. We have 4 threat states of the nervous system that help us survive: fight, flight, freeze + fawn. These states impact how we think, how we feel in our bodies, + our ability to function within relationships. They are often overlooked as the root cause of mental health symptoms.

Attachment Theory Focus:

Attachment theory is the understanding that our first relationships we experience shape all other relationships we have throughout life. If those relationships were healthy (secure, safe) we have higher self-worth, coping skills, + emotional maturity. Studies consistently show that children raised in homes with insecure attachment struggle with self-worth, are more likely to commit crimes, + have higher rates of addiction.

Gut (microbiome awareness):

Our gut plays a key role in communicating to our brains + our nervous system. The health of our gut is impacted by: what we eat, the stress we face, + how we sleep.


We are mind, body + soul. Not just mind.  Spirituality is about having an inner experience and recovering the truth of who you are beyond conditioned thoughts and patterns.

Ego Work:

The ego is our ‘I’ identity or the concept of who we believe we are. Ego work is the practice of becoming the witness of our thoughts, patterns and behaviors. This allows you to make the conscious choices beyond the ego that leads to transformation.

Childhood Trauma Awareness:

Childhood trauma shapes how we see ourselves, our core beliefs, how our nervous system functions, how we relate to other people (attachment), how we regulate our emotions, and coping mechanisms we use to adapt. Without addressing childhood trauma, we do not address the root cause of ‘mental illness’.


Conscious awareness (the practice being fully within the body in the present moment) is the foundation of healing. Without consciousness, we have no access to choice. Choice creates change.