Written by Sylvia Haghjoo.

As you might remember from my stories, I have recently captured the current exhibition Gabrielle Chanel Manifesto at the Fashion Museum Palais Galliera in Paris before its official opening. It is probably the most unique fashion exhibition that I have seen so far. The exhibit is open to public from the 1st of October 2020 until 14th of March 2021 in Paris. With this photo diary I am sharing a glimpse of the exhibition through my eyes. As you might know, Gabrielle Chanel revolutionized fashion for women, her creations are made to make the woman feel free and elegant. And this is what is created for us – freedom. It is an excellent curated exhibition in which you discover her simple, yet sophisticated dresses, suits, fine and fashion jewelry, videos, illustrations, photographs and a touch of her vision. Gabrielle Chanel’s jewelry is the contract to her puristic creations. One of her significant symbols is the lion, which stands for her zodiac sign. It is the very first exhibition only dedicated to Gabrielle Chanel in Paris and examines the evolution of style of Chanel such as the little black dress, to more sportive creations of the 20s and sophisticated dresses from the 30s are on display. One room is entirely dedicated to N ° 5, which was created in 1921 and represents the quintessence of the spirit of “Coco” Chanel. The first part of the exhibit illuminates in chronological order with some emblematic models, including the famous sailor shirt from Jersey from 1916, her fashion beginnings. The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to the codes of Chanel and invites you to view them decipher: the piped tweed costume, two-tone pumps, the quilted handbag 2.55 and of course black and beige, such as the high jewelry and fashion jewelry that makes the Chanel look so unique. Gabrielle Chanel. Manifeste de Mode covers an area of almost 1500 m2 – including the new ground floor galleries with a view of the garden.


I am wearing pieces such as the bag and jacket from the Chanel Fall/Winter2020 collection. Rings are by Coco Crush. Image by Ylenia Cuellar.