I have created these self-portraits during quarantine in Paris and the looks consist a few CHANEL pieces that are rather from their Métiers d’Art or Spring/Summer20 collection. My favorite image is the one above, with the bouquet of pink peonies, a photoshoot that has been taken with a self-timer. Looking back to the photograph, it has definitely been an impulsive shoot. I haven’t planned the perspective or the idea of holding a vase full of flowers in my arm. It just happened during the shoot and reminded me that spontaneous moments, photographs are my very favorite ones. They do radiate some poetry, and an effortless ease even tho the ‘behind-the-scenes’ was maybe not that easy and not brought to an end quickly. The start of self-photography, a little world unknown to me but worth the exploration. It turned out to be full of joy and simplicity, something that has been keeping me busy during my self-isolation at home.