By Sylvia Haghjoo

A healthy radiant looking skin, yes the theme of themes and during quarantine it made me think that it might be the best to have an permanent article up here as some of you have been constantly chasing me to publish my beauty secret. So, my personal beauty grail is called The Rich Cream by Augustinus Bader. I started to use the moisturizer in the beginning of 2018 after I have met Professor Bader during an intimate press conference in Munich. Back than my skin condition was okay, not radiant but okay. I used to take the pill for many many years and when I have finally stopped, that was in 2017, my skin got unfortunately as a side effect a lot of impurities on the forehead. It was a nightmare for my self-confidence and there is nothing more beautiful than being comfortable in your own skin, right? By end of 2017 I have discovered ‘The Hydra Facial’ for myself, a resurfacing treatment that clears out the pores and hydrates the skin. Every two weeks I was off to see my beautician for my treatment and it definitely helped to clean the forehead area but the skin was completely healed and pushed to become the best version of itself by the moisturizer of Augustinus Bader. The healing process took less than two months, I could see my skin becoming better and purer by each week. By better I mean, more evenly, hydrated, radiant and firm. Since than the impurities are gone and thankfully never came back. This is my skin story, I continued using the moisturizer and yes, its thanks to the skincare brand Augustinus Bader that I could finally heal the impurities that have been of course stressful to me personally. AB The Rich Cream is my daily companion, I apply the Rich Cream every morning and every evening. The Rich Cream makes my dry skin super smooth, hydrates it deeply and I have to admit that I do love the glow that comes within.

A few facts worth to mention, Augustinus Bader is a world-leading stem cell and biomedical scientist. His creams are infused with the brand’s rejuvenating Trigger Factor Complex TFC8 technology, a deeply hydrating complex that works to reduce signs of aging and protect from environmental aggressors and triggers your own stem cells into repair. The moisturizer comes in two different textures, I personally prefer The Rich Cream. Then Baders The Body Cream launched last August in 2019 which has also become a favorite of mine and I do use it especially for my delicate neck area as its always very very dry, I love to use it as a hand mask and from time to time for my legs. An addition to my beauty regime which is by the way very exclusive and not excessive. I have never liked using many products and thankfully Augustinus Bader moisturizer and the body cream works for my personal skin needs. I recommend the products by heart and could not imagine living a day without it. This is a genuine and tested recommendation of mine and to me worth every cent.

I also do believe as mentioned the other day in my Instagram stories that a healthy heart, mind and soul comes of course from within and it’s an exercise on a daily basis. Besides a beauty ritual that works for you, it is an essential part to also take care of what you put inside your heart and body. I do believe that nutrition is half the work, be aware of what you eat and what you put on your skin. Avoiding alcohol plays also a big roll to my health, I was thinking back when it was the last time having a glass of wine and it has been a long while. I make sure to drink a lot of water and I have been sharing now and than that I prefer home-cooked meals as you have a full control of the ingredients that you put inside your body, that’s the best for your overall health and especially your gut health in case you take good care and do your research on which for example herbs, vegetables and so on are good for you. What works for me, might not work for you. Imagine yourself as a flower that needs to be very very gently and well taken care off. In 2017 I found out that I am intolerant to fructose, gluten and lactose, once you understand the side effects of what your intolerances trigger such as inflammation, blemishes, weight gain and to feel uncomfortably bloated you finally understand that you have your health in your very own hands. But lets keep this theme for another article.

For a healthy heart, mind and soul I do daily mediation, yoga and I put my thoughts and energy into a personal journal. This way helps me to release negativity. It’s not always easy of course, but its the way I clean my thoughts and feelings. I don’t want to waste my time with being upset or sad. It doesn’t bring me anything, I prefer to feel free instead of stuck. I do hope that you also choose to be happy. Always remember that every situation is just temporarily and will pass at some point. These photos are self-portraits that I took during quarantine with a self-timer at home here in Paris. Also they are unforced and spontaneous, the other day I have just taken the camera out and tried to practice self-photography. I have to admit that I do like the natural and effortless ease that these photos transmit and decided that they were worth and suitable to my skin story. Hope this permanent article clears your questions and do feel free to send me a direct message in case there is anything else regarding my skin story you want to know.