The Shangri-La Al Husn Muscat Travel Diary


My euphoria increased daily to finally explore Muscat. To me it is a hidden treasure and honestly the destination Muscat, Oman was not really in my visor. Muscat impressed me. Especially the fantastic weather conditions, kind Omani and Muscat’s nature stole my heart immediately. I was on that trip together with my favorite human beings Juliane and Julia. Our journey began with our stay at the beautiful Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa Al Husn located in a sparkling bay which lies on the Gulf of Oman. 

It was a pleasure to capture beautiful images during our stay in the Shangri-La Al Husn palace. Julia shot the image above of me at Shangri-La’s Al Husn 100-metre private beach. I am a total beach- and poolside lover and those who know me also know that they can find me there for sure. Shangri-La has an breathtaking infinity pool which also became the place-to-be after breakfast hour for me. The views touched my soul. To make clear, it is not that easy to convince me – a big compliment to Shangri-La Al Husn for giving all their heart to make our stay unforgettable. Rooms display local artworks – our bathtube in Al Husn had a view of the gulf. 

The decor at Shangri-La Al Husn is inspired by royal Arabian palaces. The Resort offers three different Hotel categories –  Al Waha the oasis, Al Bandar the town and the Al Husn the castle. We stayed at the Al Husn which is the luxurious and a calm oasis especially for those who want to find inner silence. The Shangri-La Al Husn Muscat Travel Diary is full of memories from our stay and I am happy to show you what I have experienced in Oman’s capital. The first thing that you notice about Muscat is – compared to brash neighbour Dubai – the lack of skyscrapers. Oman’s capital still feels like a real place, with a proud sense of history. 

Not sure if you know, but Oman is still ruled by a sultan, who has modernized his country and kept it one of the most stable in the region without compromising the authentic charms of a ravishing culture. Oman’s breathtaking nature, from poetic desert to one of the most beautiful coastline on earth. The Muscat airport is approximately 45 minutes away. The Shangri-La resort offers 22 restaurants and bars, most of them are located in the Al Bandar. The selection ranges from casual family restaurants to fast food and elegant dining options to make sure that there’s the right choice for everyone’s taste. One of my favorite experiences – the dolphin tour. I was hoping to see at least one dolphin around and lucky girl – this wish became true. I hope you enjoy my Shangri-La Travel Diary. From time to time images can speak louder than words. 




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I was wearing: 1. Kiini Bikini via Avenue32    2. Levi’s Vintage Shorts   3. Bits and Pieces To Go Hat   4. Céline Shades   5.  Georg Jensen Jewelry