Shades of Cool


I am urgently looking for new sunglasses and they should definitely be Céline. I found these beautiful shades of cool and they might be a solution. Happily I will be in Paris the upcoming week and will check these ones at their Céline Store. When it comes to brushes – than I would love to recommend you this set by Laura Mercier and the coolest Marvis Toothpaste which will look oh so cool in your bathroom. 

I do not want to comment every piece in this post. These ones are just my favorites this week. Note – Label To Watch Diogo Miranda – I have fallen in love with his designs. Would love to wear his creations immediately. And another one is Monse! Also spectacular SS16 Pieces! Big YES!

1. Céline Shades 2. Westwing Now 3. Laura Mercier  4. Marvis Toothpaste 5. Seletti Neon Art 


6. Westwing Now Velvet Pillow   7. Diogo Miranda Look SS16  8. Westwing Now Velvet Pillow 9. Chloé ‚Georgia‘ Bag  10. Westwing Now Glas  11. My sold out Georgia Alice Top 12. Monse SS16 Shirt Dress 


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