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New York Photo Diary


This trip to the US has once again opened my mind. I always know what I want, I always trust myself the most and I am not that easy to affect. I would say that I am a very loyal one …even to myself. You know what I love about photography, the things that I see through my camera, the people that I capture and the moments which become memories seem so calm, so normal and exact the way I really want them. There are things which annoy me the most – too much non-sense talk, fake behavior and annoying and time wasting stuff, people, situations. I don’t want to over talk things, I rather do them or I don’t – more one of those maker characters I guess. I like to avoid myself from everything that withdraw my energy. I enjoy being alone so much too. Don’t get me wrong, but I just realized to be more picky, to observe and to avoid myself from what I really don’t want. I finally learned to say no. I love simple things, uncomplicated things… It’s similar to photography – few seconds that lead you to make so many decisions. The right and the wrong ones. It needs to be real, it needs to make me feel so comfortable. I hope these words inspire you to always trust yourself, focus on your goals and surround yourself with people who fill you with love, energy, inspiration and acceptance. I love to travel so much, it gives me the opportunity to experience and learn from situations and to stabilize my character to the fullest.


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