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Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Countdown to Christmas. A few days left and I am sure that I am not the only one who is still looking for the right gifts. I have selected a few of my favorites from the WWW for you. It might inspire you or not. The art of gifting was always and it is still versatile. From small spends to luxury gifts there is a range from A to Z and I have brought the favorite in here together. The products are linked below. This christmas gifting guide is dedicated to females and males. I never get bored as a creative mind, a solution might also be to paint some very own art and gift it to my sister. Julia, I hope you are not reading this… I prefer timeless gifts, an alternative could be a one-way-ticket to a preferred destination as well, but that’s for sure much unrealistic, so let’s focus more on coffee table books, jewels or accessories, some art, knitwear, camera invests or interior treasures. There’s a lot out there and from time to time it gets difficult to filter the right choices for the loves ones. Oh, I want them all under my Christmas Tree, especially the Leica Camera. Dear Santa, I have been very well-behaved this year! Could you please make my wishes come true? Please excuse, these are for sure not on my wishlist, these are the ones for you as a inspiration for the holiday season. 

1. LV Photographic Book Set          2. Tom Dixon Diffusor           3. Leica Camera           4. Les Vitrines Hermès                                           5. Souffle Chair     6. Skagen Denmark Luggage Tag      7. Skagen Denmark Bracelet       8. Skagen Denmark Milanaise


9. Skagen Denmark Crossbody  10. Saint Laurent Men  11. La Perla Dress 12. La Perla Lingerie  13. Cire Trudon  14. Lingua Franca