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Marlies Möller Beauté

I am so so happy that I tried out the Faby Sherlack at Marlies Möller. You all know that I always give my hair to the right hands and as you already know this as well I am feeling always welcome at the Marlies Möller Coiffeur at Neuer Wall, Hamburg. And yes, you can have different beauty treatments there too! Perfect for a quick treat and reward to yourself.

Yay! My next weeks will be super busy and stressful between work and exams. I also had to cancel my vacations for this summer but hey I will have some cool travels afterwards. For now I am more than happy that I will have some time off from my nails for about 4 weeks. So no worrying about my nails during this hectic time.

I am pretty sure that some of you already tried out Shellac. At Marlies Möller they are using the lacquers by Faby Nails. You can choose between a range of colors which are long-lasting up to 4 weeks. Julia shot a few super images of me yesterday at Marlies Möller. I also got my hair straightened that day – so as you can read I had some beauty treatments and a great time off from studying. Cuff & Earrings by Ambre & Luise.



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