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Marlies Möller Waitzstrasse – All about Volume

Marlies Möller Waitzstrasse - All about Volume

Today it’s all about volume. I have been visiting my favorite Coiffeur Marlies Möller and would love to show up a few images from that afternoon pleasure. There is really a way to have extensions that look natural as well as being comfortable and easy to maintain. Every woman wants full, thick and long hair and especially volume. It is worth the benefits, I am satisfied for two years with Great Lengths and the work of Marlies Möller. Four hours in, the full, voluminous and long super hair I always long for were mine again. Once attached to my hair, I am always impressed with how well-blended and flattering the lighter shade was. Yes, the process is long but the salon’s always take care to serve delicious coffee or tea and there is no lack of magazines for sure. Even for those who have to work in between, the salon’s also offers Wi-Fi. It was my very first time at the Waitstrasse Salon and I must admit that I fell in love with the super cute salon and interior. Cool mirrors and warm hearted stylists and you feel immediately comfortable once you hit the salon. I enjoyed a very lovely treatment and I am super happy with the volume that I got through the Great Lengths extensions. My hair was blow-dried with original Marlies Möller round brushes to get the best volume out of it. The hair shines with health and beauty with natural volume and movement.

Best of all, I can wash it almost as if there were my own. The stylist in the Marlies Möller, Waitzstrasse deeply charming salon advised me to avoid using any shampoo with sulphates because they can loosen the beads between the hair and the extensions, and to run conditioner through the mid sections of my hair – again to protect the bonds. I love the following products – for one, the Marlies Möller Lift Up Volume Conditioner which you can perfectly use with extensions and the best hair brush investment and my warmest recommendation not only if you have extensions – the cleansing brush. Available in two sizes, even in a hand bag size which you can perfectly carry in your handbag during your travels. Not only a week later, months later and my hair is still everything I wanted it to be. Inconspicuous, but fabulous enough to keep people wondering how I managed to grow hair like Rapunzel in a very short time. I really have to admit that I love my natural hair which has my favorite brunette color and the texture which goes so well with the Great Lengths extensions and I also love how well it styles. It really depends on how many strands of extensions you go for, if you choose for a few more than you can be sure that you will achieve dramatically voluminous hair. So, and how to define summer hair? I think it means natural waves, long hair, a fresh look and movement. A shiny long mane, center parting and impressive volume – just simply styled is what I am craving for this summer 2016. You can always drop by any of Marlies Möller’s salons to take a coffee and consultation about Great Lengths. They also insist and recommend to show the texture, color and length of your hair to make sure that the best result can be accomplished. 

Marlies Möller Waitzstrasse 28, 22607 Hamburg Phone + 49 21 00 99 60 

Marlies Möller Waitzstrasse - All about VolumeMarlies Möller Waitzstrasse - All about Volume

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Hair accessory by Marin & Milou.