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Marlies Möller ‚Step-by-Step‘ Braids

Marlies Möller 'Step-by-Step' Braids

How to style your hair perfectly during summer season and what to do with interfering hair – Here’s one of my first ‚Step by Step‘ series in collaboration with Marlies Möller. It’s time to get holiday hair while high temperatures. It’s one of the practical hairstyles for any summer activity from festivals to weddings and beach holidays. Your hair will need to be below your shoulders. Follow this ‚Step-by-Step‘ to recreate this hairstyle easily at home. You will need a comb, brush, hairspray, clear snag-free hair elastic, kirby grips and maybe your best friend who helps out to braid your hair. 

Step 1: You should take a paddle brush and comb through your hair, this will kill any static. This look is also all about texture, add a small amount of hairspray but from distance so as not to stick the hair together.

Step 2: Make a side crest. Next use your paddle brush to gently backcomb the top of your hair. Blow dry your hair right before just in case it’s not straightened. Essentials you need: Comb, Brush and Hairspray. 

Step 3: Use Dry Shampoo to make the hair more pithy. Braid two braids – on the left and on the right side.

Step 4: Tweak the plait until you have the shape you want, then use kirby grips to secure in place. With each section add a little bit of spray again from a distance, and backcomb. This doubles the thickness of the hair.

Step 5: Cross the braids over, once you have fixed the braids around your head strike the end of the braid. 

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A_MÖLLERProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetMarlies Möller 'Step-by-Step' BraidsMarlies Möller 'Step-by-Step' BraidsMarlies Möller 'Step-by-Step' BraidsMarlies Möller 'Step-by-Step' BraidsMarlies Möller 'Step-by-Step' BraidsMarlies Möller 'Step-by-Step' BraidsMarlies MöllerMarlies Möller