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It’s been a while, but you might know my Instagram shares during summer when I was filming with Kérastase Paris for Kérastase Discipline. Here is the result and I am happy to share it with you. I have spent a very amusing day with great people at the Loreal Academy, got to know the art of movement in a dancing class, the product Kérastase Discipline and tried it out for you. As you can see in the video the hair is smooth, shiny and tamed. 

Video by Patrick Wüstner & Andy Kaczé

If you are longing for disciplined, flowing and silky shiny hair with faster movement and longer lasting hair dried styling than Kérastase Discipline might be the right product for you. It protects your hair from humidity and static electricity. The innovative Morpho-Keratin Complex is here the key.

Hair is alive, sometimes stubborn and difficult to tame. Therefore, every second woman dries her hair every day to get it under control. The dry routine is usually perceived as time-consuming and difficult whether unruly, frizzy, slightly wavy, curly or straight hair tight – women want one thing above all: to control your hair. 

Here them a natural styling result is particularly important. In addition to shiny, smooth and flowing hair, women want in terms of control, that especially the natural movement of the hair is maintained, without weighing it down. The desire for control, which is addressed almost daily from customers at the hair salon, Kérastase under the term „hair management“ together. After caring for hair loss and the desire for repair of damaged hair are seen worldwide about 165 million women in search of a solution for better hair management.

Thanks to a perspective change, the new approach of hair management and a revolutionary idea, the researchers from Kérastase managed to decipher the science of perfect movement of the hair and reconstruct the product. 

How it all began? With an amazing machine called „Move Hair“. The machine, which is in the Hair Research Laboratory of Kérastase Paris, to analyze thousands of parameters of hair allows. The revolutionary thing about it: Not only in 2D, but with a new, third dimension: movement. Internal weaknesses of the hair fiber can be identified and strengthened outer surface tension points are corrected or eliminated accordingly. 

The result: Fall and interaction of each hair fiber can be optimized. Each individual hair fibers is homogenized inside and disciplined from the outside. Based on the latest technology as a new innovative service salon and a new hair care line was developed: For the first time controlled hair is not only more rigid, but combines discipline with movement.

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