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As I have mentioned several times, I am still in the decorating process of my apartment. Sometimes it is hard to find the right balance between all that travels and my life here in Hamburg and I guess that you can imagine that some things just can’t work out immediately and take some time. One of them is clearly my home décor which got a little makeover with dreamy posters from Desenio. From scandinavian online posters, to illustrations, photographs and frames – Desenio offers a fine selection of aesthetic photographs, illustrations, black and white pictures, art prints with Scandinavian design, graphics, maps and cities and affordable frames just to name a few and affordable prices without spending a fortune. For now I have placed my posters on the floor, since I am unsure which wall will be decorated with them and I already really find it so much more decorative at home even on the floor and it was seen in the interior trend more and more lately. Desenio gives you non-stop inspiration depending which room you want to give an upgrade to. The possibilities are endless and I am super excited to see on which wall some of these Desenio art pieces will end up. I would love to admit that Desenio also helps to find the right way to create a perfect gallery wall without having an unorganized spread out gallery look. I will be daydreaming with mine for now.




In cooperation with Desenio.