Cap Estel, French Riviera


L’Hôtel La Table Le Spa – Cap Estel 

I already knew the first time when I walked into the Cap Estel that this is not going to be my last time, and yes I returned back in 2016 to one of the most beautiful places on this earth. Cap Estel’s location on a secluded slice of the French Riviera offers a quiet getaway. On the coast near to the must-see village called Èze, this hotel overlooks the sea, with its own private beach and pool, allowing guests to lounge undisturbed. Dining in the Michelin-starred restaurant which serves delicious French Cuisine is the coronation of the stay at Cap Estel, Èze-Bord de Mer, France. The Hotel is just 10 minutes from Monaco and 20 Minutes from Nice, the exclusive boutique resort is offering absolute privacy, tranquility and exclusivity. It features 14 luxurious suites and 4 rooms, all offering balcony or terrace and spectacular views of the Sea. The infinity sea water pool is my favorite overlooking the glittery Mediterranean.

Once you have reached the Cap Estel you immediately get enchanted by the Hotels elegance. The Cap Estel is truly an piece of Art. It’s the one that is not only the chosen one for Engagements, the Cap Estel is the one that is also chosen for Weddings. And yes, if you would ask me here … I would say yes. Oh, can you imagine to have your Wedding here? The light in the French Riviera is spectacular and I finally understand why legends such as Picasso headed to the French Riviera to find some Inspiration.

 In 1910 Frank Harris, friend of Oscar Wilde and confidant, transformed the rocky seaside in a luxurious place for rich winter tourists. Mery de la Canorge bought the property at an auction cause before it’s bankruptcy, and renamed it ‚Roc Saphir‘, a stunning garden appeared existing until today. Prior to the first world war, the property passes to a French Woman, Rose Angeline Levieuze, the mistress of the Count Serguei, one of the last Stroganoff, who she will marry some years after. André Embiricos, successor one of the most ancient families, Greak amateurs and automobile pilots, buys the Cap Estel in 1923, but it is not earlier than in 1951, after the occupation of the domain by Germany Army, that Robert Squarciafichi transforms the place in one of the most famous facilities of the Riviera. After its owner death in 1993, the domain, being in a degraded situation, is bought in 2000 by the family of its current owners, industrials from South Africa, who will give back to the Cap its contemporary masterpiece appearance.

Three years of works will be necessary to give back a soul to the house, inaugurated on May 27th 2004. The talented architects and decorators from London have created a lighting atmosphere, in harmony with the sea and the gardens. Cozy, elegant, luxurious, but not ostentatious at all atmosphere mixes its furniture with the nowadays technology, delicate details or glamorous colors of its suites. Hollywood dressing and fine laundry, contemporary paintings and Asian crafts, monumental bar and friendly restaurant, the glass cube of its wine cellar and comfortable lounge areas. Some modern art pieces often bring the unique touch, capturing your attention. 

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