Believe in More


Believe in More

Instinct meets individuality. Self-Confidence affects Vulnerability. Athletics meet self-expression. The collection made by artists and athletes. They express themselves through authentic movements and unfiltered creativity. Spending time at the gym or running became an essence in my everyday life. Fitness helps me to keep the balance physically, in health and it makes the best version of myself. The importance of training tights? Training tights helps in your training session. The specific benefits; warmth, protection, compression, resistance.

Nike’s new strength training and running tights in collaboration with artist FKA twigs were made to reduce muscle shiver. The Nike Zonal training tights offer a revised fit and stabilizes the muscles. Nike revealed a new campaign for its Zonal strength tights. FKA twigs saw this collaboration as a opportunity to inspire people who want to use their bodies in a positive way. Modern movement means exploring any genre of sport without boundaries. It can be dance or other form of fitness. The modern movement is the culture of expression of strength, power, courage, will and confidence. In cooperation with Nike.