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Acqua Di Parma



The Acqua di Parma Colonia legend is tied to the world of Italian tailors, the home of impeccable elegance, where class is expressed through prestigious fabrics, perfect cuts, the sophisticated balance of muted colours and attention to detail. The original fragrance that embodies classic Italian elegance and long tradition. Colonia comes in a delicate bottle. The classic bergamot and sweet orange cologne with hints of English lavender, Bulgarian rose, and sandalwood, has been unchanged since it was devised in Parma, Italy, 100 years ago. It’s labelled as the first real Italian eau de cologne, Italian’s world-famous tailors used to scent their men’s handkerchiefs and made-to-measure wardrobe pieces with the same unisex aroma.  

Art piece below by Scot Heywood.


This year, the prestigious brand celebrates its 100th anniversary and to mark this special occasion, Acqua di Parma has released a two volume book “Essere Parma” which plays tribute to the beautiful and the charming city where the brand was founded – Parma. Two volumes that reflect one another’s themes, tracing surprising routes through the city’s past and present. The acclaimed international photographer Giovanni Gastel has taken a series of shots that play on the idea of dualism. Characters, architecture, works of art: examples of excellence past and present displayed alongside one another at will. Antonella Boralevi, eclectic, learned writer, a winds the plot of her novel, written specially for this occasion, through the city of Parma, offering tantalizing glimpses of its architecture and ambience. A part from being an engaging visual journey in a surprising Italian city, “Essere Parma” is an incredible insight into the history of a timeless brand such as Acqua di Parma.


In cooperation with Acqua di Parma.