June 03, 2014


Facilité - what really helps in any situation is truly to handle everything with ease. In the last time I realized that I put to much in energy in things that didn't work out. In any case! That's why I decided to calm down and try to be more focused on the good and squeeze some patience on the negative parts of my life. The older I get the less I am satisfied and shocked when everything seems to break down. The good thing about that all is that you get stronger day by day and the more lemons will be thrown at you, the sooner you will just laugh about that all - take it with ease and you will never loose your playfulness, sovereignty and your charma. That's the formula you need to rock any situation out there. Easier said than done, but trust me if you practice on it you will never ever be thrown back again. Self-confidence is the most wanted attribute. Enough of life wisdoms.

Accessories are the greatest ingredient when it comes to improve a basic look. I adore basics, they are timeless and they don't need to be expensive. I am wearing a simple Zara top and a skinny fitted denim by 7 for all Mankind. Ok, in this case the jeans are the expensive part of that outfit. But there are so many similar and affordable trousers that look as good as these ones. But which pieces will make a look more high quality and unique? To me personally its all about accessories, the Celiné glasses which were a lifetime on my wishlist... and I finally got them from boyfriend, my Chanel bag; a classy one which I would immediately mix and match with everything in my closet and new in delicate rings by Vale Jewelry. "With so much love to the detail" - I think its the key for a unique and your recognition value styling. Of course everyone can wear a designer bag or designer glasses - but what comes to my mind is that you should rather invest in one or two designer pieces which you will love and wear for the next 10 years or even longer.

My total look: Diemme Footwear Slip Ons (similar here)  I    7 for all Mankind Jeans (similar here)   I    Zara Basic Top (similar here)   I    Chanel Bag (similar here)    I    Celiné Sunglasses (similar here)   I    Vale Jewelry  (similar here

Items of the Day


  1. Absolutely perfect bag and slip ons :)


  2. #everything dear

  3. Wunderschoen :) Und ein toller Text, man muss einfach mal ein wenig mehr los lassen und auf sich zu kommen lassen. Faellt mir aber auch schwer.. xo

  4. too damn hot


  5. Ich mag dein Outfit sehr! Es ist schlicht aber classy. Und diese Céline Sonnenbrillen werden wahrscheinlich auch mein Leben lang auf meiner Wishlist stehen :)

  6. your slip ons! love it! so cool xx

  7. You are on points today! I agree with everything you said here both life and fashion :D I love the classic pieces and always willing to spend more on them. I love wearing a great fitting basic pieces then style 3000 ways (if not more) lol with different accessories :D


  8. The pictures are absolutely beautiful!


  9. Die Ringe sind ja ein Träumchen. :)
    Happy Donnerstag dir, Lali

  10. So nice and simple!! Love it.


  11. I'm jealous of your chanel ;-) looks fabulous

  12. die schuhe find ich super (:


  13. lovely pic!