February 08, 2014

The city that never sleeps

A warm hello and hugs from the city that never sleeps - and neither do I.
We arrived at the John F. Kennedy Airport, unfortunately without one of my most important bags with items and documents that I really needed, the luggage was not send with us and just came in today a bit earlier in the morning. It really make me think all the time of my belongings, things I really needed and still need for this trip in the states. We were not able to shoot any outfit photos so far, I called the airport hour by hour to get more informations if they found my baggage or if it's lost. Anyway, it got delivered at our place where we stay until today at the beautiful Hotel Giraffe at the 365 Park Avenue South at 26th South Street, NY. Today I am very excited about the Hervé Leger Fall/Winter 2014 Show which will take place at the Lincoln Center. I just edited the newest photos Julia and I worked on to share them with you on our New York Fashion Trip. We are really tired, but super happy and thankful to be here and to have this opportunity to experience the dream. Through all the positive and negative that happend to me I learned so much and I don't want to miss that, because it makes you so much stronger and so much more grown up to handle those situations by your own. So, Julia and I will now use Uber to get to the Theatre at the Lincoln Center. Let the Fashion Week begin for us. 

Loved the breakfast at the Hotel Giraffe. So, dearest readers I am unable to attach more images for now but I promise to be back asap with more photos in this post and uploads on my Instagram!

Ready for the Lincoln Center. NYFW here we go.


  1. Amazing picture! I wish you all the best on Fashion Week :)

  2. Hübsches top und Sonnenbrille!! :)

  3. oh lalalalala ♥♥


  4. Enjoy honey !! xo

  5. Sylvia, I visited New York last month, it's incredible!!
    Wow, how lucky you are girls to see Hervé Leger fashion show!! Can't wait to see all the pics!
    Sorry for your bags lost, I hope they found them!




  6. I am jealous. Thats so cool

  7. amazing photos! enjoy fashion week!!

    xo, Liz


  8. I wish you a lot of fun! Where is your top from? It looks so gorgeous!

  9. These hotel breakfasts are so seducing! They make me dream of travelling somewhere))