January 18, 2014

Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne

"You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard and the people you love" - 

I wanted to stop time in my works of art and tell you my Lausanne story in photographs, Parmigiani Fleurier invited me to Lausanne to attend a very exclusive press conference and presentation of Parmigiani's Métro Watch Collection in the Museé de l'Elysée where we have seen firstly the photographs of Philippe  Halsman and the men's and women's new watches of Parmigiani - the exhibition of Philippe Halsman will officially start from January 29 until May 11, 2014. I will talk more about the Métro Collection, the Exhibition and all the impressions I have captured in my upcoming postings. This one is dedicated to my stay at the beautiful Beau-Rivage Palace

Coco Chanel, Charlie Chaplin and Tina Turner - very well known personalities who spent residents at the Beau-Rivage Palace. I love places that have a history and in this sense so much to tell. I compare it with watches - The older a watch gets the more beautiful stories it can tell. The Hotel is traditional but concurrently invigorating and reassuring. The Beau-Rivage Palace is located at the Lake Geneva with an incredible and impressive view of the Alps. I must say, I am very passionate about exploring new places I have never been to, it was my first time in Lausanne and of course in the Beau-Rivage Palace, I can honestly say that I had one of my most grandest and most pleasant days in Lausanne. 

Antique . That sense of authenticity is what gives a created place with memories a home 
with soul. 

Loved dreaming for a while at the Lake Genenva and the overhemling Alps. There are these moments when you realize that there is something beautiful in every single lived moment, you find soul in a breathtaking scenario, you breathe and remind yourself how blessed you are, not only for the places you are able to visit but also for the lovely people you have in your life or the people you meet, all the memories you are able to collect wherever they were priceless, inspiring or even lessons which make you become wiser and stronger and make you appreciate the good times even more. These are necessary to be thankful for the opportunities, the people that give us strength, for all the love, for the health that is given - this is what makes a human being happy. It's not the materialism and I believe that happiness comes from deep the inner heart and if you are able to create loving each day no matter what happens, than you can create magic around you and make other people more happy with your positive attitude. Your heart and soul can create a beautiful worth having colorful life... It just depends on your own perspective.

I haven't expected so many treasures, but I pictured detailism; in the interior, in every single piece of art, in the Hotel's restaurants and bar, in the lobby, in the Spa, in the 4 hectares of gardens, in the eyes of their guests, in their service and their employees. That's something that not everyone can create, an sensitive and respectful atmosphere and when it comes to this feeling all I can say is that I can recommend you with a clear conscience a stay at the Beau-Rivage Palace. If I could only write on word to describe my impressions, it would be 'unique'. Walking through the place with no soul around except the Hotel's history and present made me constantly stop at every new path of the garden, room or painting and silently grin in appreciation. 

This is how I love to start the day with super friendly room service and a power breakfast in bed. I had to wake up very early in the morning that day and decided the day before to try out the Beau-Rivage Palace Room Service. 7.30 am - My requested breakfast arrived on time compiled of super delicious pancakes, red fruits, juices, a yummy selection of bread, latte macchiato and an omelet. I made a close up of my pancakes, they were simply délicieux.

The L'Accademia restaurant - a partner of the Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel. More about the classic italian cuisine in my next postings.

L. O. V. E.

♡♡♡ Merci bien! ♡♡♡

More images of the Beau-Rivage Palace, the Cinq Mondes Spa, my Lausanne impressions and all the Parmigiani Fleurier photos are coming up in my upcoming contributions. See you soon, Sylvia 


  1. Like this post here. You should do more often!
    Greetings from Marroko

  2. What a beautiful place to stay! You write very well and I really like your texts.
    Excited to see your next post about this stay.
    xx, Juliane


  3. Photography is excellent, loved the way you wrote about your stay! Great article!
    All the best from Greece, Valla

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  5. I followed you on all your social channels! Your photography is very good and I like the way you present yourself, the quality is excellent and I am really looking forward to see more of your work in the feature. You will doing good I am sure. NEWEST FOLLOWER DEAR!

  6. Oh yeah, know that place! Lucky you Girl

  7. Your pics get better.

  8. Verdammt ist das schön, auch wenn ich Dich zur selben Zeit natürlich in Berlin vermisst habe ;)