December 18, 2013

Yana Nesper Jewelry

To those who haven't bought their Christmas gifts already - timeless jewelry by Yana Nesper could be a great x-mas present for your beloved ones. Her pearl jewelry is pure elegance and comes with the right interaction of materials. Through the combined effect of five quality criteria as well as the pearl size as an important benchmark for the price it requires many years of experience and expertise to properly assess pearls. The precious marine jewel is not so easy to force in a schematic. Too subtle are the fine differences and the emotional weighting of their properties. Nesper considers the coating as the most important quality criterion, the greatest emphasis is placed on purchase and choice of beads. What is a well coated pearl? It can only be well coated if they had enough time in a healthy oyster to build a thick nacre around the nucleus. 

A good coating makes a pearl resistant and ensures that they can preserve their beauty in a long term. In addition, a good coating prerequisite for a good luster. The luster is the life, the emotion, the charisma of a pearl. This refers to the silk, deep, mysterious shine. The more diverse and the pure nacre thickness produced by the oyster on the inner core, the more intense the light refraction between the layers of nacre and the more beautiful the luster. The purer the surface of a pearl, the higher it's value. But absolute perfect surfaces are a rare ideal. Small inclusions and fine surface structures witnessed the natural origin of the beads and should be not seen as a mistake, but as growth characteristics - such as the fingerprint of a human being are called. 

The color is a very subjective criterion with countless shades. White South Sea pearls and Akoya pearls  include 'white-silver' and 'white-rose' - these are the brightest colors. The brighter the tone, the better. For Tahiti pearls counts 'peacock' (black green like a peacock feather) as the most valuable colors. The intense gold of the South Sea pearl - away from the yellow or green shades are the most desirable. 
The ideal shape of the pearl is naturally round. It is the rarest and therefore the most valuable. Ovals, 
drops or button shaped pearls are beautiful, but not quite as rare as the perfect round. Stagnated recently asymmetrical, grotesque baroque forms are very popular. The size of the pearl is not the price criterion, but greatly influence the price. The larger the diameter, the more rare and valuable the pearl. 

The pearl types of Yana Nesper Jewelry
Akoya Pearls beads as classics, they are saltwater cultured pearls. They are bred in an oyster named 'Pinctada martensii' by the Japanese also Akoya-Oyster. Akoya's are smaller than South Sea or Tahitian oysters - their pearls of nature are smaller than the other saltwater clams. The characteristic of this pearls  are the uniquely beautiful, intense luster and white color with an iridescent touch of rosé. The size of Akoya pearls varies between 3 and 10 mm. Tahiti pearls is also a cultured freshwater pearl. It is of the black-lipped pearl oyster, a subspecies of the 'Pinctada margaritifera', it has a rich color palette of silver gray, anthracite, dark gray to rare 'peacock' (black green like a peacock feather). Frequently Tahitian pearls are known colloquially as black South Sea pearls due to their dark color palette. The size of the pearl can vary between 8 and 18 mm. 

Freshwater pearls - Unlike Akoya, South Sea or Tahitian pearls which belongs to the saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls are mainly grown in lakes or rivers. The oyster is cultured in freshwater pearl, named 'Hyriopsis schlegeli'. Freshwater do not contain implanted nucleus as a rule and are thus almost never perfectly round. They reach a size of 2 to 15 or more. The natural color range from white and rosé over silver, bronze and lavender to apricot and violet. South Sea pearls - Australia, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines - in fantastic areas with healthy, unspoiled nature, the South Sea pearl grows in the greatest of all pearl oysters, the 'pinctada maxima'.
The individual specimens of Pinctada maxima can reach up to 50cm in a diameter. One distinguishes the silver-lipped oyster, the silver white South Sea pearls and the gold-lipped oyster', the cream-colored to deep gold-colored. With a considerable size of 8 to 20 mm and their fantastic luster carry the South Sea cultured pearl handle the title 'Queen of Pearls'. They are the most valuable and the rarest cultured pearls. 

Jewels by Yana Nesper   I   Shoes & Bag from the Dior Cruise 2014 Collection   I   Cashmere Sweater from Zara   I   Slim Fit Jeans by 7 For All Mankind  


  1. Such an amazing outfit! Love it all!!!

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  2. Such an amazing outfit! Love it all!!!

    Jul du monde des petites

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