October 24, 2012

Iris von Arnim SS 2013

Tuesday the 23th, Juliane from Style Shiver and I visited the Iris von Arnim Showroom in Hamburg. 

I really liked the tropical prints and the casual palm knit sweater in natural white.
Iris von Arnim knit-wear is absolutely timeless and made of highest quality materials. 

Whether fine or coarse cashmere pieces which are absolutely perfect for those late summer nights or super fine cotton cozy items for casual daily outfits or even mohair dresses for elegant occassions. 

The cashmere "Fifth Avenue" print is available in stone, white and black. This delicate cashmere piece paired with this super cool 5th ave print is the best shopping accompainment par excellence.

Invest in Iris von Arnim star quality scarfes to see the cooler summer days through in style. 
I guess that it´s the easiest way to add a burst of sumptuous color to any summer day looks. The lightweight design paired with multicolor dark prints or with neutral accents made of softest cashmere will add all attention to monochrome outfits.

My personal highlight of the Iris von Arnim SS13 collection, finally a luxury knit piece that I haven´t seen in the last time. Innovative, new, classy and stylish! I still can´t get my eyes off it.
 What about you? Might look good with casual denim shorts or colorful mini skirt or 
combined with simple skinny leg denim. 
 Yes, this one is a must-have!

As you might noticed on my fanpage, my blog is currently in 
redevelopement. I was tired of the black background and the pink
hug-you header. It´s time to refresh this page, it won´t stay like this. Excuse the temporarily design. 

A few days will pass until I am finally settled and have implemented my representations. 

The new layout is soon to come. 



  1. schöne Bilder sylvi <3, love the Pullover !!!

  2. lovely blog dear,how can i follow?i can't found your gfc!

  3. Ahhh der Palmen-Pulli!! Ich will ihn ♡

  4. The Dress in grey is so nice!!! Greetings Jeannette


  5. I hadn't heard of this brand before, but it looks very cool.
    Really like the scarves and sweaters

    fashion in Belgium

  6. Oh KRASS! Der Palmen Pullover ist ja richtig schön!

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